Axioms About Western Water

An “axiom” is a universally accepted principle or rule. Western water has its own, unique axioms.
1. We don’t allocate or price water according to any rational process. We allocate water, not based on market forces, but by bureaucratic fiat. If we price water at all, we price it not according to its value, but based on what it costs to deliver the water.
2. Western water issues are about politics, not policy. No problem, budget, or solution is ever addressed in an unbiased and detached manner. Politics permeates every decision, every issue, and every proposed solution.
3. Logic and common sense rarely play a role in resolving water problems. For some reason we toss common sense aside and usually pick the most illogical, but politically expedient, way to address problems. We routinely embrace the wrong answer to the wrong question and we get the wrong solution.
4. We throw money at water problems in breath-taking amounts; our politicians don’t care how much we spend to address water problems. It seems that money is no object. They promote absurd schemes costing billions of dollars without batting an eye.
5. When it comes to water, we would rather pour concrete than use water wisely. Somehow, building something – anything – even though it doesn’t solve a problem, is better than addressing a water issue without building something. Concrete over common sense.
6. Water projects are like concrete monuments; take on a life of their own, and never seem to die. If a project is proposed, advocates cling to the dream for generations, never letting go. Even when the project makes no sense at all.