Water and Money

Water, money and more water. A handful of farmers are still working furiously to manipulate the water debate in CA and the West.

As I recommend in Deadbeat Dams, the federal government should terminate its involvement with the Westlands Water District in California.  “The insatiable greed of the 600 farm operators in Westlands is never-ending,” I wrote.  “No matter how much money and water we pour into their district, it won’t be enough.  They will come back with their hand out for more.”

Were my observations passe or out-of-touch?  No.

New York Times reporters Michael Wine and Jennifer Medina have just written an updated analysis of how Westlands is using money and political muscle to reshape the federal government’s response to the drought.  Read their article.  It’s a fascinating explanation of insiders using money and connections to skew California’s water map to their benefit.  You can read the entire article at: http://nyti.ms/1NUmHy6